Grace and peace to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Thanks for visiting our website. 

All Saints Redeemer is a first-generation Reformed church

whose current major thrust is to consolidate our congregation in the distinctives of Reformation theology.   

In so doing, we seek to accomplish two goals: to gain an increasingly mature understanding of this esteemed legacy  

and to pass it on to future generations in an unfailing succession.


Our vision is to bring the love and truth of God

to His covenant people

that they may be faithful worshipers, witnesses and workers

for Him until the return of Jesus Christ. 

We are striving to accomplish this vision, in part, by restoring the authority of Scripture to the church

by the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God and by exhorting one another to faithfully apply

the implications of the gospel in all matters of “theology, piety, and practice”. 

We invite you to join us for Corporate Worship and Sunday School.