"From The Heart of the Pastor" is a weekly contribution on an important theological matter. It is an insert in the bulletin but on this website it is listed under a separate section. Its purpose is not only to instruct our members on some important issue concerning salvation, the church, and so on but also to encourage them to be more diligent in their study of these matters that they may grab hold of Christ more fully and worship and serve him more faithfully.

A Call To Holiness

 A Heart for God and the Holiness of God

Are You An Authentic Disciple of Christ

Biblical Fasting

A Brief Biblical Theology of Fire as a Symbol of Divine Presence

Characteristics of a True Disciple

Delight Yourself in the LORD!

A Major Lesson From Ferguson

A Preparation ‘H’ People

A Sanctuary for God's People?

Don’t Worry… You Can’t Serve Two Masters